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Naruto Adventures Minecraft Server

Welcome to Naruto Adventures, to the best Naruto server in Minecraft. This server is based off of the anime "Naruto" and is an mmorpg server. On this server you can go on an adventure as a ninja. With friends or alone, you can surpass one another by training hard and fighting monsters and rogue ninjas. You can also do a main story line (which you can arrive at by going to spawn and clicking the sign that says warp to missions room) and hundreds of side missions which are placed randomly throughout the map and in the missions room. THIS SERVER IS ON 1.12!!!! How to play: -Do quests to gain money or Jutsus -punch to use Jutsus, elements and abilities such as blink -/c bind (to bind a Jutsu or ability to an item)
Naruto Adventures MC Server
Status Offline
Server IP narutoadventures.pandahost.co.uk
Port 25565
Last Ping
Category Minecraft
Votes 17
Country France FR
Website https://narutoadventures.enjin.com
Submitted 2017-06-15 12:45:03
Uptime 98%
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Tags PvP RPG
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