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Faction PVP Survival Server Minecraft Server

PVP FACTION SURVIVAL SERVER Fast New 32GB v1.13 setup Standard faction plugin with permissions set. /spawn and /sethome 5000x5000 Map Survival World spans 2500 blocks from spawn 100 Slot Anti-Cheat System Nether and End enabled https://puu.sh/DC9tU/0fe41d7076.png https://puu.sh/DC9ua/719d6cb527.png https://puu.sh/DC9ug/8c0d6bb62f.png https://puu.sh/DCVpi/eab769a21b.png
Faction PVP Survival Server MC Server
Status Offline
Server IP Kanixter.potionpvp.ga
Port 25565
Last Ping
Category Minecraft
Votes 0
Country United States US
Uptime 99%
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Tags Survival-Mode PvP Bukkit Factions
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