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StoneCraft Minecraft Server

Welcome to StoneCraft! When you Join for the first time you will spawn in the lobby. In front of you is the survival portal, use it to be teleported to the survival server! Behind you when you spawn is the creative portal, same as above use portal to be teleported to the creative server! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT PLUGINS: -Grief Prevention: Make a claim with a gold shovel and it can't be griefed by any means available to survival mode players! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Coreprotect: Creative Server is a freebuild place where you don't have to fuss with claims, which means that someone will eventually grief, but coreprotect can restore any grief by hand or worldedit! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -MCMMO: A System of skills and level ups that expands the vanilla system and allows for some cool stuff, such as giga-drill, super breaker, berserker, and more!
Status Offline
Server IP play.stonecraft.us.to
Port 25565
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Category Minecraft
Votes 0
Country United States US
Uptime 99%
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Tags Survival-Mode Creative-Mode Semi-Vanilla LandClaim Spigot McMMO
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